Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time Line

February was a CRAZY month!!! Here is a time line of a couple of things that have been going on the last couple of weeks:

February 12- Locked Out!
Tyler and I are natorious for locking ourselves out. Well, usually it's Tyler, but today it was me! As I was getting on the elevator to leave work I actually dropped my keys down the elevator shaft! It was so dumb! I had to get a ride home and of course it was a day that Ty wouldn't be home until late. So I had to run next door, borrow the later and squeeze in the little kitchen window. I would have just hung out somewhere till Ty got home, but I was taking all the Beehives to a movie for mutual and the tickets were in the house! It took them a couple days before they could get the keys back for me, and for some weird reason it was missing a key chain, but anyway, I was glad to have them back!

February 14- Valentines Day!
For Valentines Day I had this great idea that I would surprise Ty by making Sushi. I find it absolutely disgusting, but he loves it. Here is a picture of my sad, sad attempt. He was really nice, though, and even took what was left to work the next day for lunch. He got me a pink long stem rose that is still surviving, chocolates, vanilla coke :), and a new wallet that is adorable... and a spare key that we now keep hidden in a special place!

February 16- Babysitting!
My aunt Casey and her husband went to Hawaii, so their kids were kind of passed around throughout the family all week. It was our turn on the weekend. JD (4) is obsessed with Bulls and Rodeos and thought Ty was the coolest when he showed him a bunch of bull riding videos from the internet. Brinckley (2) was hilarious and likes to talk to herself. It was pretty funny, but pretty crazy! Here is a picture of them all dressed up in Ty's ski stuff.

Today was also my sister Kali's birthday. She turned the big 2-0! Here is a picture of her with my adorable niece, Ellie. Happy Birthday KK! You're old now.

February 18- Happy 3 Years!

Today was our three year anniversary. We decided it's been the shortest three long years of our lives :). We went to a really cool restaurant down town called "Lamb's". It's like the oldest restaurant in Salt Lake. The atmosphere is a blast from the past. It was really fun and really yummy! We also got a new camera which we've been wanting for a while!
February 19- Ouch!

Today I had a wisdom tooth pulled. The procedure was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The tooth they pulled out is totally disgusting, but when I showed it to my friend Lisa the first thing she said was, "You've got to blog that!" So, here you go Lisa :). Nasty.

February 23- Going Once,...
Tonight we went to a charity banquet for Eagle-Condor Humanitarian. This is the organization that we went to Peru with in 2005. There was an auction and Ty bid a couple thousand dollars on a few things, but only when he was POSITIVE that someone was going to outbid him. I actually just accepted a job and will be working for them again beginning March 17. I'm pretty happy about it.

February 29- Congrats April and George!

Our good friend April got married today. Yes on LEAP DAY. George says that they only have to celebrate it now every four years, but she says no, twice a year- February 28 and March 1. Congrats to you!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ty's Nine Beautiful Stitches

Ty decided to take the day off today since Alta got 39 inches of snow last night... And he came home with a nasty gash in his head! He just walked into the room and said, "I look awesome with my stitches!" He tried to knock down a tree with his face. He skied down the hill with blood running down his face and a med student stitched him up at the lodge (after pulling a piece of the branch out of the hole). He looks pretty tough.

Happy Birthday Ty!

Saturday was Ty's Birthday. He turned the big 26! We went up to Park City to watch the Freestyle International Dual Moguls Competition. It was awesome- We were grateful for the huge crowd and loud music to dance to since it was FREEZING!!! We saw some great races and lots of awesome jumps and flips. A canadian ended up winning, but we came in second ;). Ty got some more rock climbing stuff, so I think we're about ready for summer time... Well, Ty's not ready yet. He's got lots more skiing to get in.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Blogging Accomplishment

My blogging accomplishment today was figuring out how to make a bookshelf! Yea! Slowly, but surely....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I finally have a blog

Ok, so I finally have a blog. It will never be as hilarious as Katie's or have pictures as cute as those Rasmussen boys, but I'm going to try it... Bear with me... I'll get better with practice.